Blue Noise

Lukas Jakob Löcker

Lukas Jakob Löcker, Blue Noise, 2015

Interactive analog audio-visual installation
Super 8 projector, magnetic tape player, hand-colored films
Music by Woodlab Jam
Germany 2015


The work Blue Noise is inspired by Kandinsky's poem Sehen [Seeing], which was published in his book Klänge in 1913. Two years earlier he had created the piece Impression III (Konzert), which was provoked by an atonal concert by Arnold Schönberg in Munich. It is one of the very first examples of modern art in which color and sound melt into a synesthetic piece of art.

The poem Sehen starts with these three lines:

“Blaues, Blaues hob sich, hob sich und fiel.
Spitzes, Dünnes pfiff und drängte sich ein, stach aber nicht durch.
An allen Ecken hat’s gedröhnt.”

“Blue, Blue got up and fell.
Sharp, Thin whistled and shoved, but didn’t get through.
From every corner came a humming.”

My installation consists of three analog film-loop stations. Each loop consists of hand-colored Super 8 material of the sky in each of the famous Bauhaus cities: Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. The projections are shown with slight overlaps in a darkened room. The film-loop runs through a projector and a magnetic tape player as well, thereby creating an autopoietic audio-visual loop. The material itself, the projection, and the sound are constantly altering, generating an immersive and synesthetic experience within the room.


Lukas Jakob Löcker, born 1983 in Oberpullendorf, Austria, lives and works in Linz, Austria.


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