Brouillard – Passage #14

Alexandre Larose

Alexandre Larose, Brouillard – Passage #14

10 minutes, 35 mm

Canada 2013


39 walking trajectories from the filmmaker's parents’ house into a lake nearby are superimposed onto a 1000-foot strip of 35 mm color reversal film. With the aperture just slightly opened, only the brightest spots of each walk leave a trace on the strip which is put under strain by having to go through the camera again and again. On the screen we see a landscape of pulsating light that is both concrete and abstract at the same time, drawing attention to the material and chemical processes of the medium as well as the visceral qualities these can produce. A phantom ride where the phantom seems to be both the camera that registers as well as the world it records. (Alejandro Bachmann)


Alexandre Larose, born 1978 in Lebel-sur-Quévillon (QC, Canada), currently lives in Montréal.



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