Naked Ilfochromes

Tamara Horáková and Ewald Maurer

Tamara Horáková and Ewald Maurer, Naked Ilfochrome, 2003–2005

Austria 2003–2005


Rolls of photographic paper, as used in developing devices for machine-made photo prints, are photographed with a large-format camera from above: tightly rolled or falling out in circles, white on black and black on white. From an originally anonymous industrial product, “the photo paper”, autonomous figures come into being: naked, unexposed photos, Naked Ilfochromes.

They are the product of photography (light, time, perspective), in other words, the product of the process itself (developing machines) and the studio (stored rolls of photo paper). (Ruth Horak)


Tamara Horáková, born 1947 in the Czech Republic, lives and works in Vienna.

Ewald Maurer, born 1947 in Austria, lives and works in Vienna.

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