Orange Space

Attila Csörgö

Attila Csörgő, Orange Space (Cambridge I)

Black and white spirally shaped photo stripes presented in two stages (two-dimensional image, 50 x 130 cm and spherical image, 20 cm in diameter) and a camera (lens, wooden frame covered with paper, revolving parts, AC electric motor, adapter, approx. 80 x 60 x 60 cm)

Hungary/Poland 2004


Image above: Orange Space (Cambridge I), spherical image.


Orange Space is based on the photokinetic visualization of space. I constructed a unique camera to record the surrounding space on an almost full spherical surface.

In the design of the camera I connected two things: the conception of space as a sphere, and the approximate rotation of a sphere, its “peeling” into flat plane. If space is conceived as a sphere, then it can also be peeled, like when you cut the rind of an orange in a spiral. The resulting photo is a two-armed spiral form with an unusual image of the space.

The photographs are always exhibited in pairs. The picture with the two-dimensional spiral shows the entire space as a single unfolded form. In the second one, where the two-dimensional image is folded up once again into a sphere, the spatial relationships are reconciled, albeit turned “inside out”. Here the space, which as a rule always surrounds us, becomes an object to be observed from the outside. (Attila Csörgő)


Attila Csörgő, born 1965 in Budapest, Hungary, lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

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