Thomas Bachler

Thomas Bachler, Photoshooting, 2011

Photography action

Madrid and Barcelona 2011


Thomas Bachler’s Photoshooting project was created for La Casa Encendida Barcelona and the Espai Cultural of Obra Social Caja Madrid.

This photographic action invited exhibition visitors to have their picture taken together with the artist inside a photo booth installed in the gallery. Bachler took the photo with a gun – he stood next to the person being photographed, across from his self-made camera obscura, and shot, thus opening the “lens”, which then captured the image. (Ju.Ju.Li.)


Thomas Bachler, born 1961 in Germany, lives and works in Dresden.


Thomas Bachler and Ursula Panhans-Bühler, Thomas Bachler – Arbeiten mit der Camera Obscura/Pinhole Exhibits (Kassel: Lindemanns Verlag, 2001).

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