Björn Kämmerer

Björn Kämmerer, Remote/8

16mm film installation, single image loop

Austria 2008


Designed to be installed in a variety of environments and projected on different surfaces, Remote/8 is a work that responds to and animates spaces, both interior and exterior. A rotating 16mm projector is installed on a scaffold, throwing the image onto whatever surfaces it encounters, depending on the contours of the exhibition space – a wall, a window, a fissure, a crevice. As it rotates above the heads of the spectators, the image – an airplane or a cyclist – appears and disappears as it stretches and slides a trajectory through its various ‘screens’. Several forms of movement co-exist and overlap: as the projector mechanism turns, so too does the traditionally stable base, while the mobile gaze of the spectator struggles to fix this fluid screen and the motion contained within it. An innovative contemporary example of expanded cinema, Kämmerer’s installation piece functions as a spatial intervention, capable of breathing new life into surfaces and environments. (Kim Knowles)


Björn Kämmerer, born in Germany in 1977, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


Remote/8 on Vimeo.


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