Sculpture 17_I and Sculpture 17_II

Saskia Fischer

Saskia Fischer, Sculpture 17_I, 2017

UK and Germany 2017


Sculpture 17_I

Kodak Ultra Endura unprocessed, 115 x 180 x 80 cm




Kodak Ultra Endura processed, 130 x 200 x 130 cm



In my work I focus on basic formal and spatial aspects of photography and sculpture. I merge both art forms into pieces which deal with their internal relations to space. The two mediums are unified to describe space through their own means. I question the conventions of photography and overcome its apparent contrariety in its relation to sculpture to create works that could be considered hybrids, to be indecisive whether they are sculptures and/or photographs. Processed and unprocessed photo papers are bent into large, folded self-sustaining entities. A folded photograph not only represents a time and a place but also a volume. The volume is what makes it physically tangible. Volume is what turns it into a sculpture. Ultimately, time and light are used to obtain volume. What does it mean to give back room, space, and body to a usually flat and materially thin medium like photography? What does it mean to merge two apparently opposing mediums? I attempt to lend the medium of photography a singularity it never really possessed. An aura even? The process of folding, of embracing the inside and outside of the paper and referring it back to the basic principles of traditional print-making with light-sensitive paper, with its buckles and twists concludes for me the photographic contradiction of space and convention through the playful act of sculpting. (Saskia Fischer)


Saskia Fischer, born 1986 near Stuttgart, lives and works in London and Berlin.


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