Sunlight Recordings

Ulrike Königshofer

Installation. Wooden construction, paper.

Austria 2014


“Ulrike Königshofer’s photographic works [...] not always result in photographs: they include impressions of sunlight that indeed give the impression that they are photographic reproductions of the solar object, but are actually traces of burning by the bundled sunlight [...]. Notable in Königshofer’s work are the cameras or projectors, which not only serve the performance but also become a part of the installation. They encourage the viewers to engage not only with the results but with the experiment itself, putting themselves in the artist’s place and reflecting the production process. The size, simplicity and slowness of the devices are a reminder of the early phase of image machines.” (Horak 2016: 55)


Ulrike Königshofer, born 1981, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


Ruth Horak, “Ulrike Königshofer. Polychromy in White,” Eikon. International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, no. 95 (2016), pp. 50–55.

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