Text Parts to be Learnt By All Means

Anna Barnaföldi

Anna Barnaföldi, Text Parts to be Learnt By All Means

Installation, mixed technique, ca. 90 x 45 x 25 cm

Hungary 2012


“Text parts to be learnt by all means are highlighted with bold.” The authors of a secondary school history book use this sentence in the preface to indicate why they use bold in the textbook. I cut out just the highlighted and the underlined text parts from a 1977* and 2002** history textbook. I glued them next to each other and presented them in the form of a roll as an installation. For the work process the selections that the authors had made, with difference of about 25 years, was very important for me. What remained, what changed, what became more or less out of the “texts to be learnt by all means”? (Anna Barnaföldi)

* Mátyás Unger, History for 3rd Form High School Students (10th rev. ed., Budapest: Textbook Publisher, 1974 [1967]).

** Géza Závodszky, History III for Secondary Schools (7th rev. ed., Budapest: National Textbook Publisher, 2002 [1999]).


Anna Barnaföldi, born 1987 in Budapest, Hungary, lives and works in Budapest. 

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