10/16 // Workshop 1 // October 18–19, 2016

On October 18 and 19, 2016, all of the project partners met together for the first time at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The artists Gustav Deutsch (Austria), David Gatten (USA), Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder (USA), Edgar Lissel (Germany, Austria), Rôsangela Rennó (Brazil), Hanna Schimek (Austria), Gebhard Sengmüller (Austria) and the scholars Hubertus von Amelunxen (Germany, Switzerland), Alejandro Bachmann (Austria), Ruth Horak (Austria), Nina Jukić (Croatia, Austria), Gabriele Jutz (Austria) and Kim Knowles (Great Britain) took part in inspired and fruitful discussions during these intense two days.

The topics discussed included questions such as: "How does 'retrograde technicity' figure into our participants' work? How does this approach provide a new way of thinking the idea of the photographic and the cinematic? How is the body of the artist involved in the act of production? How is the body of the viewer/user involved in the act of reception/consumption?"

Future modes of collaboration were also discussed, and plans for the next get-together in May 2017 have been made. 

The project was presented to an audience at a public presentation on October 19, 2016 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, which included each of the project partners' short overview of their work relevant for the project's topic.

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