06/17 // RESET THE APPARATUS! in Tasmeem Doha

We are happy to announce that our article presenting our research project has been accepted for publication in Tasmeem Doha, Analogue Living in a Digital World. More information soon!


Tasmeem Doha, launched in 2004 and hosted by VCUQatar, is a biennial international art and design conference that attracts prominent speakers and artists from all over the world. Tasmeem is the Arabic word for ‘Design’. Tasmeem addresses contemporary topics on art and design, and brings together international designers, artists, academics, students and industry professionals. Over the years, the ambitious and timely themes of Tasmeem have gained widespread attention and praise, while fostering partnerships that enhance the educational, creative and cultural vitality of Qatar and beyond.

Analogue Living in a Digital World aims to dialog with art and design’s leading thinkers, educators and practitioners whose ideas transcend media and speak to our human existence in a technological society. The intent of this conference is to explore the intersection between the analogue and digital within the context of our lived experience, and to examine where the two modes differ, intertwine, and coexist. By looking at past and present art and design methodologies and practices, we endeavor to create a context for examining the relevance of our current attitudes to discover new ways to grow and evolve.

We are experiencing a paradigm shift, as aspects of our lives that were formally analogue become digitized. This radical change impacts how we define ourselves as individuals, and as creative beings. It challenges our institutional foundations, and our roles in society. The gradual evolution of the last several decades is steady and unrelenting, and the ramifications of this transformation have just begun to be revealed and interrogated.


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