21.02.2018 by Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder


Reinscriptions for Line Describing a Cone  

Edition #2

Prepared Projection Performance

Gibson + Recoder

Saturday, January 20th // 3:00-5:00pm Kanbar Forum // Exploratorium, San Francisco


Part of a series of works collectively referred to as solid light films, Anthony McCall’s Line Describing a Cone (1973) sees the fog-thickened beam of a 16mm projector transformed into a three-dimensional moving sculpture. As the beam is viewed from various vantage points within the space it transforms, shifts, and demands attentive observation. In this second edition of their Prepared Projection Performance series, artist duo Gibson + Recoder reproject and reframe McCall’s work by projecting two film prints of Line Describing a Cone.


Line Describing A Cone by Anthony McCall (1973, 30 min, B&W)

Prepared Projection Notes:

Two 16mm xenon projectors
Two 16mm film prints (wound heads-to-tails and
tails-to-heads projected simultaneously)
Projected three times without rewinding the films
Hazer machine placed on stage beneath the screen

First pass (on screen): circle-within-a circle
Second pass (on screen): side-to-side with overlap*
Third pass (on black curtain): side-by-side

*Time-lapse video documentation

For information about the first edition, La Région Decentrale, click here.




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