Sturm / Iconoclasm

Philipp Goldbach

Philipp Goldbach, Iconoclasm, 2013

Germany 2013

Installation, small-image format slides, former slide archives of Cologne University's Institute of Art History


Installation view: Museum Wiesbaden, 2013/2014

© Philipp Goldbach / VG Bild-Kunst (Photograph: Wolfgang Günzel)


“The entire slide collection of the former archive of Cologne University's Institute of Art History is strewn about the floor — approximately 200 000 photographic reproductions of artworks representing over 2000 years of cultural history. They have been both the subject and supporting material for many a lecture since the 1950s. The slides were made at the request of lecturers and students alike by the Institute's photographers, then properly labelled and filed by assistants to be lent out for lectures and presentations. They are now no longer in use, having been usurped by digital image formats and projection techniques.” (Philipp Goldbach)


Philipp Goldbach, born 1978 in Cologne, Germany, where he lives and works.


Philipp Goldbach, Read Only Memory, with texts by Jörg Daur and Steffen Siegel (Wiesbaden: Museum Wiesbaden, 2014).


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