Sheet Films

Philipp Goldbach

Philipp Goldbach, Sheet Films, 2011–2012

Germany 2012–2015

Enamel on Plexiglass, 190 x 150,5 cm each


Installation View: M29 Richter Brückner, Cologne, 2015

© Philipp Goldbach / VG Bild-Kunst


“The various photographic possibilities to produce ‘blank film’ form the principle of this sculpture series. The starting point of each sculpture is a 4 x 5 inch sheet or leaf of film. ‘Blank’ film, as I understand it, is film on which there is ‘nothing’ to see, because it is either unexposed or completely overexposed. In some cases, the films – carious brands of either diapositive or negative film – have undergone chemical development, in others not. Six basal combinations of unexposed or overexposed (and/or developed) film have been ‘translated’ onto a large sheet of enameled Plexiglass. None of the films bears a recognizable image, an image arising from the photographic emulsion of reflected light. They offer, instead, ever fluctuating, ever present, yet fleeting perspectives and reflections, depending upon the viewer’s movement in space.” (Philipp Goldbach)


Philipp Goldbach, born 1978 in Cologne, Germany, where he lives and works.


Philipp Goldbach, Read Only Memory, with texts by Jörg Daur and Steffen Siegel (Wiesbaden: Museum Wiesbaden, 2014).

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