marginal perforation

Olena Newkryta

Olena Newkryta, marginal perforation


Baryta paper, perforated, framed, 79 x 79 cm 

Austria 2016


In marginal perforation two different media are brought together in their most reduced forms. In the darkroom the built-in light bulb of a sewing machine exposes light sensitive photo paper and perforates it at the same time, row by row. The abstract result not only shows the direct imprint of the sewing machine, it also reflects the gender specificity of those materials. Dichotomous divisions, such as “female” vs. “male” forms of expression, are challenged, in particular through the art-historical reference to Kasimir Malewitch’s Black Square (1915). Finally, the question of how to deal with the “male” heritage as a young female artist arises.  (Olena Newkryta)


Olena Newkryta, born 1990 in Vosnesensk, Ukraine, lives and works in Vienna.

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