one month on skin

Olena Newkryta

Olena Newkryta, one month on skin – Laura, 2013–2014


Austria 2013–2014

Baryta paper, black and white, 50 x 57 cm


“The work of Olena Newkryta deals with the indexical character of the medium in its most straightforward form: She lets people from her circle of acquaintances carry a developed but unexposed piece of negative directly on their body for one month. She then enlarges the negative onto photographic paper. The visual result is thus not only based on the exposure to light but also on mechanical influences, such as friction and movement. The indexical image is therewith a result of bodily processes and an intimate as well as an abstract testimony of a lived life segment.” (Verena Krieger, 2015)

Olena Newkryta, born 1990 in Vosnesensk, Ukraine, lives and works in Vienna.

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