09/16 // Gibson + Recoder // exhibition // celluloid

"The participating artists in the international group exhibition Celluloid - Tacita Dean - João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva - Rosa Barba - Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder explore in their work the remarkable qualities of analogue film and the so-called cinematic apparatus. At a time of rapid and almost total digitization of the moving image, these filmmakers and artists focus on the material properties of 16mm and 35mm film. They emphasize the power of the projected image and breathe new life into tangible celluloid." (EYE Film Museum Amsterdam)

Accompanying the exhibition is the lavishly illustrated publication Celluloid, published by EYE and nai010, and an extensive programme of films, talks & events.

Exhibition duration: September 17 2016 until January 8 2017.

Watch the documentation video here.


09/16 // CORPUS is online!

We are very proud and happy to announce that the CORPUS section of our website is now online with the first artistic examples. 

Throughout our research project, we will be collecting relevant artworks and other examples of retrograde technicity and assigning them one or more of our research tags. As our research makes progress, we will possibly make certain modifications by adding, removing or exchanging tags. We see the CORPUS as a continuous work in progress. We have also included a list of references which will be regularly updated.

Our aim is to build an extensive database which will serve as a useful tool and reference point for scholars, artists, curators and students.


09/16 // Edgar lissel // Exhibition // Sonne auf Papier

In collaboration with the artist and curator Thomas Bachler (Dresden), the Städtische Galerie Nordhorn shows a concentrated selection of recent artistic works based on experimental, historical or less known analogue photographic techniques. 

Participating artists: Matthew Brandt, Ernst Caramelle, Sunah Choi, Helen Feifel, Sabine Große, Jan Kratochvil, Jochen Lempert, Edgar Lissel, Allison Rossiter and Marie-Luise Rief.

The exhibition is open from September 10 until November 13 2016.